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“Ending Hunger Here at Home” and “We’re All in This Together”.

At The Vineyard New Outreach Center, we’ve always been dedicated to helping to provide programs that improve the standard of living for low-income residents and economic development programs to enhance the economy of Washington County. We strive to help families’ access community resources to meet their basic daily living needs.

What is REAL hunger? We’ve all had the experience of being hungry… but usually this only means skipping a meal or going without food for several hours.

But imagine going for days without anything to eat. Imagine having nothing to feed your suffering children, who cry out in pain from hunger.

The Vineyard New Outreach Ministry invites you to participate in our “first Friday fast” program — an initiative in which a small monthly donation can make a tremendous difference. By dedicating one day each month to a small change in daily routine, and by sharing what you have with others, you can sustain the lives of those who have nowhere else to turn.

Participants in this program choose one day every month (often a “first Friday”;) as a day to break from the usual routine and focus on the issue of hunger. By limiting meals that day and directing thoughts & prayer toward those living in poverty-stricken nations and in your own backyard, participants grow in awareness of our brothers and sisters that are struggling.

The money that would have been spent on food is then donated to The Vineyard New Outreach Ministry to help feed hungry families. Your act of self-sacrifice will benefit those who go without food regularly.

You already know the importance of feeding malnourished families. And through previous acts of compassion and generosity, you’ve helped provide lifesaving relief to those in need. The Vineyard New Outreach Ministry invites you to take up the challenge once again by fasting one day a month and donating the proceeds to help others.

How much should you give? That’s up to you. A gift of only $10 will go a long way. Larger gifts will help even more.

Skip the coffee, a sandwich, or the dessert for a day, and help a hungry family feed their children. Your Gift will provide lifesaving nutrition — and hope — to those in great need.


We are connecting with people who share our vision and hope you'll become a partner in this effort to create a great future for the Center and for our community.

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