Welcome to The Vineyard New Outreach Ministry.

TVNOM’s mission is to provide supportive services/programs, community education and cooperative partnerships that foster hope, promote self-sufficiency, community awareness, and helping rebuild lives.

We accomplish this by providing spiritual edification through a community of faith, supplying material assistance, and coducting educational opportunities for children.


Value Statement - We Believe

Honesty - We will be honest in our dealings with other people and organizations.
Integrity - We will do the right thing even when no one is watching.
Creativity - We will challenge each other to be creative in our approaches to ministry.
Community - We will recognize the value and place emphasis on relationships among the
people we service and in the communities we serve.
Inclusion - Whenever possible, and in keeping with you goals, mission's and faith
statements, we will be inclusive rather than exclusive in our approach to
people and organizations.
Financial Accountability - We will be good stewards of the money that has been
entrusted to us and hold each other financially accountable

Recipients of Services

Individuals and families who need help are welcome to walk-in or call for appointment.(See Faq)

Services and Programs

Mobile Food Pantry -Serving Rural Areas in Mississippi. 

Clothes Pantry - Clothes,shoes,outerwear is available for children and adults for free throughout the year.

Lessons Learned - Financial literacy program that teaches common-sense information
about saving money and investing money for the future, using credit wisely, opening and maintaining checking and savings accounts, and avoiding scams.

Toys for Tots - As the Christmas holiday approach, local families in need can sign up for the Toys for Tots program.

Project Home Sweet Home - Provides pregnant teens and teen mothers with classes on nutrition, birthing, financial management, home safety, single parenting, grocery shopping(coupons),infant care, cooking, crafts, and independent living skills.

Next Generation -  For the youth of Greenville, MS. Our primary objective is to instill positive values and living skills to youth in a unique, nonthreatening environment.

The Community Food Pantry

 “Ending Hunger Here at Home” and “We’re All in This Together”.

Our goal is to bring relief to our neighbors in need of food due to very low income Single parents, elderly, disabled, unemployed, the working poor, etc. We request minimal eligibility requirements to make our process as streamlined as possible.The Food Pantry is a valuable resource for those in need of emergency food assistance.

Who can use the food pantry?

Clients 18 or older

Clients under the age of 18 if they are living independently

All must have a form of I.D


Recent Job Loss


What’s the process?

Call Vineyard at 662-820-6470 to set up an appointment so that you don’t have to wait.

After a brief screening process (when you show a form of I.D.), we provide you with a free, three- five day supply of food. 

Clients provide a Photo ID, Benefit cards all family members, Utility bill (any kind),Explanation of your current financial situation.

Clients may stop by once a week to receive food for themselves and those living in their household.

The screening process takes into account family size, income and address verification


                  Personal information

How many people in your household and their ages


Phone number

                    Current circumstances

Financial information

Sources of income

Basic expenses

i.e. rent or mortgage

Child care costs

Medical expenses /Utilities

The difference between your household net income and your basic expenses is how we determine if you qualify for a food box.

When can we come?

 Pantry Hours Are:

Mondays through Fridays 10-3pm

Saturdays 10:00 to 1:00 p.m.

Clients must have an appointment( we make exception for emergency)

We may provide emergency assistance other times as needed. Please call first.







We Need Your Help


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